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The Fishing Grounds

The Fraser River flows over the white water rapids of Hells Gate, through steep canyons to meander amongst forests and farm lands finally meeting the ocean by the city of Vancouver.

Below, view our digital tour of the Fraser River B.C. Canada


Castaway Fishing Adventures - B.C. Sturgeon Charters
Tour of the Fraser River British Colubmia Canada

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Sturgeon fishing in the Fraser River is the Worlds Best!

It is estimated that a growing population of some 60,000 sturgeon averaging 5 feet in length is just waiting for your hook to drop. In the deep pools monster sturgeon, some up to 16 feet, are waiting to give you the fight of a life time.

The Fraser River boasts the largest Salmon runs in the World

With 5 species of Salmon - Chinook or King salmon, Coho salmon, Sockeye salmon, Chum and Pink salmon. Open

Finger Lakes

Tributaries branch off the Fraser River - the Pitt, the Harrison, the Lillooet, giving boat access to finger lakes that reach far back into snow peaked mountains. Dramatic water falls, huge trees, and abundant wild life are found here.

Cook Your Catch

This the home of the Dolly Varden and Cutthroat trout. Imagine fly fishing in pristine waters with just the bears and eagles for company. Imagine cooking your catch on a deserted beach where the gold prospectors left their mark (and a few nuggets still there to be panned)

Castaway Fishing Adventures - B.C. Sturgeon Charters, in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia Canada
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