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About Us

Castaway Fishing Adventures - B.C. Sturgeon Charters - Owner, Dan ReesDan Rees, founder of Castaway Fishing Adventures, was first hooked on fishing as a young child fishing for Chub in the Darenth river in Shorham in the UK. One week after emigrating to Western Canada at age 10 he hooked a mud shark from the dock, then a week later, pulled in a 20 pound salmon from a canoe.

Clearly everything really was bigger in Canada! But then he discovered the Sturgeon, the Sockeye salmon, the Chinook salmon, the Coho salmon, the Chum salmon and the Pinks, swarming up the river in the millions. Amazing!

Castaway Fishing Adventures - B.C. Sturgeon Charters - Owner Dan Rees

Professionally Guided Fishing Tours

30 years of subsequent experience have now developed a professionalism that makes him a trustworthy guide. The magic never goes away and each day is a fresh adventure which he now delights to share with anglers from all over the world who come to the Fraser river bc, lured by the wild, the beauty, and the fish.

He lives on the edge of town a cast away from the Fraser River, in British Columbia, Canada. Together with his wife Jolene and two children,  they host a fishing retreat. They love to lay on all the frills and extras that make the fishing experience unforgettable.

Dan is a fully qualified, licensed fishing guide with marine safety training and first aid to make living on the wild side a safe experience for the novice or the experienced angler.


Castaway Fishing Adventures - B.C. Sturgeon Charters, in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia Canada
Castaway Fishing Adventures
Chilliwack, BC, Canada