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Sturgeon Fishing Tips

Sturgeon is a species of game fish found mainly in cold saltwater across the Northern Pacific, Northern Europe, Russia, this includes British Columbia Canada.  A popular game fish for anglers, sturgeon have streamlined, cigar-shaped bodies that favour deep water and bottom feeding. Some sturgeon in the Baltic Sea of Northern Europe and in Russia are prized for their eggs, or roe, which are processed into caviar. This makes sturgeon one of the most valuable commercial fish. Catching sturgeon on rod and reel requires patience and a careful touch with the rod..

Sturgeon Fishing Eqipment

You'll need a supply of 100-pound leader material and 5/0 or 6/0 hooks, plus 10- to 20-oz. sinkers for holding your rig to the bottom where sturgeon feed.  A medium-duty saltwater rod spooled with 100- to 150-pound line is a must. Sturgeon here in Canada average about 100 pounds in most regions, and some in excess of 1000 pounds and reaching 14 feet long.

Hunting the Monster Sturgeon

Sturgeon forage the bottom of riverbeds and bays where the mouth of a river empties into the sea. Take time to review a topographic map of the water you'll be fishing to identify troughs, drop-offs and areas of still water around structure, such as submerged boulders. Sturgeon congregate in these areas for their food supply. You can use fishing-finding sonar on a bay to hunt for these brutes, or use the depth finder to study the bottom and identify the deepest points at the mouth of a river that flows into a bay.

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