Tuesday, 07 December 2021

Size of the Fraser River

The Fraser River is the tenth longest river in Canada and the longest river within British Columbia. Rising at Fraser Pass near Mount Robson in the Rocky Mountains and flowing for 1,375 miles (2,213 km), into the Strait of Georgia at the city of Vancouver.  The river's volume at its mouth is 112 km³ (27 cu mi) each year (about 800,000 gal/s or 3550 cubic metres per second), and it dumps 20 million tons of sediment into the ocean. The river is named for Simon Fraser, who led an expedition on behalf of the North West Company from the site of present-day Prince George to the mouth of the river.

Types of Fish in the Fraser River

White Sturgeon, Salmon, Steelhead, Rainbow Trout and Cutthroat Trout/Dolly Varden


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